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25th Hour


You’re up by 5am for your 6:30am Spin class. You jump into your first meeting by 8am. You catch up on your team’s projects over a 20-minute power lunch. You race home to pick up the kids or take the pup out for a walk. By sunset you’re picking up groceries and a perfect bottle of red for a home-cooked dinner. You send out those final emails at midnight, then set your alarm for tomorrow’s grind.  

We want to carve out an extra hour in the day for the superwomen who come in and out of our doors. We race through our daily routines and taking the time to appreciate our minds, bodies and relationships often takes the backseat. We’re offering women a champagne hour once a week – this is a complimentary group denim fitting session (for up to five women).  


All 25th Hour Appointments Include:

  • Refreshments
  • Customized fit assessments for up to 3 guests
  • One-on-one consultation and personal styling with our in-store experts
  • Exclusive deals and events

This is your chance to find the perfect pair of jeans without the crowds or the time pressure. This is a time to embrace yourself, enjoy quality time with your nearest and dearest and find the timeless denim that evolves with you. 


Appointments are on Wednesdays from 7PM to 8PM.