Hemming + Repairs


Our Vancouver, Toronto + Calgary stores offer hemming and repairs for any of your jeans! If you would like to get your jeans altered, come into one of our local shops and speak with the staff. If you're buying your jeans online and would like them hemmed before you ship, please add the Chain Stitch hem to your order. If you live outside of Vancouver, Toronto or Calgary and are interested in hems or alterations, and for any other questions, please contact: online@dutildenim.com


Chainstitch Hem (Jeans purchased at dutil.) $10
Chainstitch Hem (Jeans purchased elsewhere) $28
Taper (Non-Selvedge) $40
Taper (Selvedge) $60
Repairs $10+


For health and safety reasons, please be advised that we only accept clean denim for repairs, hems and alterations. We require that all jeans brought in for repair or alteration be either brand new or recently washed.